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Shanghai Shenya Expo Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Education Association
Shanghai Education Equipment Industry Association

Contact:Shugang Qiu


Exhibition services: special equipment design and construction, exhibits transportation, hotel accommodation, ticketing, exhibition with flowers and plants Leasing, packaging, storage, drinking water, Internet access, intellectual property protection services;
Information service: the latest developments, show preview, global education equipment information, trade policy, commodity inspection, insurance trade, promotion brand exhibitors, exhibition invitation, released all kinds of traffic tools and information etc;
Invitations Service: Pre-registration for buyers and buyers database of important mailing invitations;
Advertising services: tailor advertising program for customers, and follow up their cases released;
Complaints advisory services: responsible for the buyers for exhibits and booth query, answer exhibit the buyers for exhibits and booth query, answer exhibition services, facilities, business and other questions, all the services involved in the exhibition to collect opinions and suggestions of buyers;
The exhibition catalogue service: free to publish information for exhibitors, exhibitors and professional audience to distribute free;
Newsletter service: published before the exhibition exhibits preview, exhibition reviews and tidbits for exhibitors and professional audience for free;