Exhibition Purpose

In 2017, the exhibition total area exceeded 15000 sqm with 265 domestic and international exhibitors, showcasing a series of advanced educational equipment and learning environment featuring on “face to future”. The last edition with the theme of “Future Classroom, Future Learning” had been successfully held on September 26-28, 2017 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Based in Shanghai and extended to the whole country, the exhibition focused on building an industrial communication platform, displaying the internationally cutting-edge educational technology, equipment and teaching solutions, sharing the innovation of laboratory construction in primary school, creating the comprehensive and composite education equipment exchange opportunity for both supply and demand side.

"2017 The 2nd Shanghai International Education Equipment Expo" sponsored by Shanghai Education Society and Shanghai Educational Equipment Industry Association was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center on September 26-28, 2017. The exhibition hall of this expo covers a total area of 15,000m2. A great many international brand manufacturers gathered here. Enterprises such as SONY China, Lenovo, HP Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd., IFLYTEK Co., Ltd., Guangzhou AVA Electronics Co., Ltd., Beijing Wenxiang Information Technology Co., Ltd., NetEase, Shanghai Dongfang Jiaoju Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Shirui Electronics Co.,Ltd., Odin Technology Co.,Ltd. and Shanghai PartnerX Robotics Co., Ltd. chose to exhibit and release their latest R&D achievements on this expo, hoping that teaching staffs can become the first ones experiencing such achievements, sharing educational reform fluctuation brought by international cutting-edge technologies.

Maker, Mooc, VR technology.....at present, education is shocked by more and more technical means and technical equipment, and educational equipment is changing the way of school teaching and learning.

In the exhibition scene, more than 300 exhibitors displayed a series of “future-oriented” advanced education equipment and learning environment at home and abroad, such as campus digital network, campus control system, intelligent lesson preparation, recording-broadcasting and video-information system, cloud classroom, cloud live broadcast, online education, 3D technology and robot intensively, outlining a picture of future classroom for audience.

What is worth mentioning is that a huge wave of cool “black technologies” have also entered the education equipment area, bringing special teaching experience for audience. In the exhibition scene, audience can experience artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other black technologies personally. These high techs will also provide new thoughts for building smart campus and exploring new education and teaching mode in the future.