Advantage of IEE

"2018 IEE" will deepen brand exhibition construction, strengthen international cooperation, enhance international visibility and influence, and expand the international market on the basis of a solid domestic market, to help industry take off.

The committee will transform awareness, build brands, occupy the dominant position of exhibition market with advanced brand marketing strategy and brand management technology.

Pay attention to the Joint Authorities, Institutes etc. to seek strong support from industry representatives, strengthen international cooperation, achieve strong combination, and optimize allocation to get a mutual development. Strive to represent the industry development direction, publicize through strong media, adhere to long-term brand strategy, bridge from international resources to host international high-end exhibition. At the same time, converge the high - end elements of global education equipment, actively carry out global marketing, seek cooperative organization globally, prepare the global marketing professionals, enhance the level of creative planning, focus on the spreading and guiding of the new ideas, co - ordinate the marketing talents, to maximize the power. Widely use modern technology, build virtual exhibition platform, constantly innovate the new model, ideas and thinking. Through idea innovation, body innovation, marketing method innovation, marketing content innovation, every kind of method, to serve audience, familiarize the industry, collect everything with network.

Three-day exhibition is short, but we will service you always. We will make full use of the platform of "Shanghai International Education Equipment Expo", to organize more exhibitions and project communication, to seek policy, funding and technical help for enterprises, to enhance communication and collaboration between enterprises, to make every effort to promote economic and trade exchanges.