Exhibition procedure

1. For exhibitors participating, please ask Floor Plan and the application form , carefully fill Booth, area, corporate information, Signature stamp and fax or mail to the organizing committee, the organizing committee of the exhibition of products after review by the issuance of (exhibition confirmation)

2. After participating exhibitors receive confirmation , within 5 working days participation fee will import the chairman will be designated account funds remitted exhibitors after remittance please fax to the chairman will be in order to verify, chairman Only after receiving the full payment, the invoice mailed to exhibitors.

3. Allocation of booths principle of "first come, first pay, first arrangement." Organizing Committee received the full cost of the exhibitors, will be carried out one month before the "Exhibitor Manual" Mail or send an electronic version to the exhibitor, guide enterprises exhibition preparation work;

4. Each exhibitors is free in two of the "Show Daily" advertising, advertising content to be submitted within 10 days after the participation fee remittance

Shell scheme booth (3mx3m): US$ 2,500/booth (20% extra charge on corner booth)
Booth including: Luxury poster, Large fascia board, carpet, 1 information counter, 1 meeting table, 4 folding chairs, one electrical outlet (10A/220V), 1 Waste basket, 2 spot lights, booth cleaning and safety.

Raw space: US$ 250/sqm (Minimum 36sqm)

Remark: Worlddidac Members have special discount: 20% off at early bird reservation, before 1 May, 2018 and 5% off afterward.