Exhibition promotion

· Extensive cooperation with hundreds of industry websites, newspapers and magazines,television and other media, an effective advocate for fair;
To establish cooperation with dozens of countries and regions, Trade Promotion, chambers of commerce, consulates, conducted the show promotion, advancement and coordination of overseas exhibitors and professional visitors group;

· By participating in the competent sector organizations ,forums and technical exchanges and other activities to enhance the visibility and influence of this exhibition;

· Expo site, micro channel, microblogging and other online and offline activities, printed brochures, tickets and exhibition news by mail and visit related industry exhibition site payment way to promote all-round way;

· Continued publicity for buyers, through the exhibition invitation, the relevant website, the buyer Commissioner of customer management to the old buyers continue to continue to show the latest information, and to encourage the old buyers to their friends, peers do professional reputation recommendation;

· To assist the exhibitors to invite new buyers, to provide the relevant exhibition information to the exhibitors, in order to unify the exhibition publicity and the form of the buyer to operate, and to encourage exhibitors to provide their own buyers information service of expo.