About Shanghai

The geographical advantage of Shanghai, building authority, international educational equipment trade exhibition platform:

At present, the domestic education equipment multi in second tier cities held participating enterprises to domestic oriented, educational equipment need authority, international exhibition and exchange platform, Shanghai as an international metropolis, in the international reputation, can undertake this platform is very good.

Shanghai as the first National Exhibition City, has a mature and systematic operation of MICE industry, Shen Ya exhibition, through the operation of China International Education Equipment Exhibition, the international advanced exhibition industry operating philosophy and operation scheme to the urban areas. This will help to improve the operation ability and the level of Regional City Convention and Exhibition industry. Through urban and regional contact and running, Shen Ya exhibition will also develop in line with local economic characteristics of the exhibition project, the rational allocation of resources for convention and exhibition industry, rich areas of the city economic and trade activities, promote the development of local economy. 2014 total investment in education funding for the national billion yuan, an increase of 8.04% over the previous year's $. And Shanghai investment in education funds occupy a certain opportunity, not only the first place in the country, but also the first increase in the country.

In 2014, Shanghai education funding to continue steady growth, the city's fiscal education budget reached 783 billion yuan, has been, Shanghai advanced and intelligent educational equipment demand exuberant, each school of the introduction of intelligent teaching equipment, advanced teaching philosophy will is very urgent. The exhibition in the government department in charge of education and the concern and support, widely contact the supply and demand sides, creating an excellent opportunity for advanced education equipment exhibition and trade.