"Gold sponsor" return program AAA

Sponsor unit condition:

  1. In a leading position in the industry, has a great influence;
  2. The enterprise has a good reputation and profitability;
  3. The enterprise does not have an adverse credit record in the last 3 years;
  4. Under the same conditions, we will give priority to the national brand as a sponsor.

AAA: gold sponsor costs 800 thousand yuan, set 2. Return content:

  1. Become exhibition and forum "sponsors", in forum publicity materials, media reports and journal, backplane superior field data give clear expression.
  2. 90 square meters of light to be presented at the exhibition;
  3. Mini cross version of color pages in the exhibition catalogue (2 pages);
  4. The Organizing Committee of the forum will arrange 40 minutes speech at the forum for senior representative sponsors (including 10 minutes on-site exchange);
  5. In the domestic famous media (television, a well-known newspaper media, a famous national network media coverage);
  6. The Organizing Committee of the forum to review and consent, the scene to the delegates sponsor business image data distribution;
  7. After the forum, the Forum Organizing Committee sponsors to provide all the representatives of the participating companies list;
  8. There are 2 senior representatives invited to participate in this forum;
  9. The organizing committee will ensure that the two gold sponsors for non competitive enterprises.